Brand Awareness Effect for KSRTC Bus Branding

The brand awareness effect actually occurs when the advertising makes a brand or product more recognizable for consumers. With the advertising, the sales of that particular brand can be increased. Many people will buy that certain brand advertising had made it easier to recognize them. This will make a connection between the brand and what is being advertised. When the advertisement is given on KSRTC buses, there are more chances for repetition of brands or services. This will bring brand awareness and later on if the person continues to see the ad, there will be brand awareness effect. KSRTC bus branding is a best platform to bring brand awareness effect.

Three Major Effects that KSRTC Bus Advertising Can Bring

There are three major benefits one can get with KSRTC bus advertising. The effects of advertisements on consumer behavior include:

  • Exposure
  • Attention
  • Effect

When the process of advertisement is done correctly, each of these factors will achieve its goal of influencing people’s decision, when they are going to purchase a product or service. Through the KSRTC advertising your brand will get long and wide exposure at reasonable prices. When compared to other advertising Medias, giving better exposure at a relatively low price is the advantage with KSRTC bus advertising.

Advertising really has a strong influence on the customer’s behavior. This will affect in their intentions towards purchasing a particular product. KSRTC bus branding can get the attention of people easily as they are an outdoor and transit kind of advertising. It is easy to get attention of people while they are waiting somewhere on the way, while they are in transit, while they are shopping or are in restaurants. It is possible to reach all sorts of people with different economic backgrounds and also from different areas. Thus the chances of getting attention are even more with transit advertising. Moreover, watching the same ad again and again will have a great impact on the customers mind.

The Recall Effect

As the ads on buses especially of the KSRTC buses reach a large number or people at regular intervals, the ads will stay in their mind. This will make customers to buy a certain kind of brand, just because they are seeing the same advertisement for multiple times. Different surveys had proven that, advertisements had much influenced the people’s behavior. This has a greater impact on the buying habits of people. KSRTC bus branding is the sole licensee of advertising on KSRTC and has given a better impact for different brands and events among large population.

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